Monday, February 8, 2010

“Once in a while it really hits people that they don’t have to experience the world in the way they have been told to.”

This is for all those people out there who are considering applying for the CBYX scholarship. I know when I was researching the scholarship, these posts were hard to find. Let me start out by saying, don't be nervous. The interview is actually pretty fun.

They told us to get there at 8:30 but everyone got there at 8:00 ( we were even earlier than some of the interviewers). Then we got it and they gave us a quick introduction and little opening. There were four applicants in our selection committee ( 3 girls and 1 boy, I was the only boy). Then they drew straws to see who gets interviewed first, I was second. While each student was being interviewed the other 3 sat in the opposite side of the building and just talked and got to know each other. The interviewers made these really good pastries and other snacks so we had a ton of food.

I really got lucky because the interview was at a church about 20 minutes from my house. One of the girls traveled over an hour to get to the interview. I think she couldn't go to the one that she was supposed to go to so that's why she had to drive so far. I think the other applicants had to drive like 20 minutes as well. I am pretty sure that they break it up pretty evenly so that each person doesn't have to drive to far.

They didn't ask any really impossible questions. They weren't there to watch you mess up your answers. They just asked some typical questions and wanted to see how you would respond. Before my interview everyone said that I would be asked a ton of "what if..." questions so I was worried about those but they didn't ask a single one. They asked more questions about your personality like what do you do with your free time, what makes you a good candidate for CBYX and whether or not your friends/family/school is supportive of you going abroad for a whole year. All the interviews might be different so some people may have gotten more "what if..." questions so keep that in mind.

After the individual interviews, we had a group activity. Which included silently building something out of odd materials and then they asked us questions about what we got from the activity and other questions about what we thought the point of it was and what we found hard. That was really fun and I think our group spent most of the activity laughing about how weird our building came out and the occasional collapse.

The interview was over by 11:00 which was an hour earlier than it said we would be done so it wasn't very long at all. Since it was held down the street from a huge mall the parents went shopping during the interview and then I went after to spend my extra hour until I had to be home.

The interview was fun and laid back. It was nothing to be intimidated by. It's really something worth applying for by the way. They said that we should know our status' by the first week in March so that's not to long to wait. The next time that I post will be about the CBYX scholarship.

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