Thursday, June 10, 2010

“All journeys have secret destinations of which the traveler is unaware.”

Well its been a while and I have found out a lot more about my host family. First of all, I will be living in Altdorf (right outside Stuttgart) if you want to see it on Google maps you will have to type it in with with the zip code (72655) or it will take you to the wrong Altdorf. That is a small town that is in Baden-Wurttemburg. Baden-Wurttemburg is one of the southern states. It is right on the border with Switzerland and France. Also I am very close to the Black Forest. I will be going to school at Gymnasium Neckartenzlingen. It is in a small town and is about 2 miles from my house. I will have to ride my bike there everyday and I am actually looking forward to riding there everyday (lets see if I still feel that way during winter).

I have a host mom, dad, brother and sister. My host sister will be coming to America as an exchange student for a year so I won't meet her but we talk on facebook. My brother just got back from his year abroad in America. He was living in Kansas and his English is great (that's gonna be nice). My host mom is an embroiderer and has her own shop at home. My host dad is an engineer and works for a big company in Stuttgart. I think they make some sort of software but I am not sure. They are very into soccer and my host dad plays on a league. They all ski and are taking me on a ski trip to the Austrian Alps sometime in the winter. That is going to be fun but I haven't skied in a while so we will see how that goes. I guess that they are very big into art as well. My siblings do their own circus shows around southern Germany.

That's really it. We still don't know when we are leaving but rumor has it that we leave for Germany around the 8th of September.

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