Monday, August 30, 2010

″A traveler without observation is a bird without wings.”

It's been a while since I updated this and I thought that with one week left, now would be a good time to. Unfortunately I don't leave for Germany until September 10th but I get to spend a few days in Washington D.C. before I leave. Part of the CBYX scholarship is an orientation in D.C. We arrive on September 7th and do the regular AFS orientation stuff but also we get to meet with our Congressional representative. I think we get to do some sight seeing in the city as well. My parents are driving me down a few days early and then we are spending some time together before I leave.

I have been skyping and emailing my host family for a while now. I can't wait until I am in Germany. Here are some of the pictures that they sent.

This is their house where I will be living for the next year.

This is my family on their annual ski trip into the Austrian Alps (they are taking me next year).

This is another picture from their ski trip in Solden, Austria.

I am all done packing and almost done with host family gifts. I have been packed for a while now. The limit was one 44 pound suitcase and one 22 pound carry-on. I didn't fit everything I had into my suitcase so I will have to ship my winter clothes and miscellaneous other things over to Germany. I have been having small get to togethers with my friends for the last week or two.

I will not be going to school until October. I have a language camp in September. My language camp is like going to regular school but instead of having nine subjects, we just learn German. Its at a language tutor in Reutlingen Germany. I think it is a class for foreigners not just for exchange students. I am not sure if it's a good thing or bad thing because even though I will be learning German, I have to miss a whole month of school. I am pretty excited for school though. Also one of the other scholarship recipients from Western New York has a welcome family in Munich. So I will probably go and visit her during Oktoberfest. I'm pretty excited for that.

On October 9th, I am taking my SAT in Stuttgart and now I have to go to the review class so that's it for this post.

Today is my host mom's birthday. Frohlich Geburtstag Mama!

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