Saturday, December 18, 2010

"There is much pleasure to be gained from useless knowledge."

I am not writing a real blog post today. I don't have the energy nor stories to write a good one.

I do however have a little challenge for all of you. I found some online quizzes to test your knowlege on Germany. Before you take the quizzes, you may want to read the Wikipedia article on Germany. A lot of the answers are in the article.

The quizzes go from easiest to hardest. There are a good number of quizzes but each one is about 10 questions and takes like 5 minutes. The links will take you to the website and you have to choose whether to take the quiz in HTML format or flash. The flash version is better but only works on some computers. You have to have the flash program downloaded. Most new computers do have it though. If yours doesn't work then just take with the HTML version, they are the same quiz.

For the beginners...

Germany and it’s Neighbors

Play Quiz: Germany and Its Neighbors now!

Level 1

Notable Cities

Play Quiz: Notable Cities in Germany now!

A little bit harder

Germany Essentials

Play Quiz: Germany - Essentials now!

Still harder but every answer starts with a b if that helps.

German b

Play Quiz: German Bs now!

For you Deutschland fans...

Germany Essentials 2

Play Quiz: Germany - Essentials II now!

And for those readers feeling especially knowledgable about Deutschland...

Travelling through Germany

Play Quiz: Travelling Through Germany now!

Good Luck! My scores were

Germany and it's neighbors- 100%

Notable Cities- 9/10

Germany Essentials- 12/15

German B- 8/10

Germany Essentials 2- 7/10

Travelling through Germany- 6/10

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