Sunday, December 5, 2010

“The world is a book and those who do not travel read only one page.”

Thursday we went to a chocolate art festival. They had so many different types of chocolate. I had chili-choco-ginger-curry sausage. It was a normal curry sausage but had a sauce made of chocolate sauce, ginger and hot sauce. It was pretty weird but it was actually really good. They also had a bunch of other things like imported African chocolate, chocolate art and chocolate wine/beer. I bought a bunch of chocolate covered strawberries on a stick. It was really good.

I didn't do much on Friday. I had school and then came home and studied for my SAT. We went into Metzingen and did some Christmas shopping. Metzingen is known as the Outlet City because all the major stores have outlets there where you can buy things at a good deal (by good deal I mean the same price we pay in the USA but cheap in Germany). I bought some Christmas gifts and then I bought some clothes. Then I came home, studied and went to bed.

Yesterday was a pretty interesting day. It started off with my SAT which was horrible. It wasn't particularly impossible but a 5 hour test is always horrible. I had to get up at 6 on a Saturday and ride all the way to Stuttgart just to take that stupid test. That evening I went to see
Harry Potter und die Heiligtümer des Todes. I had already seen it but I am glad I went again. I understood so much more the second time. I went with friends from school so I wasn't going to pass up the invite anyway.

The movie was dubbed and I'm guessing most of you have never seen a dubbed film. The first video below is the trailer for new Chronicles of Narnia. The second is the same film trailer dubbed into German.

Then after the movie we met up with some other people that I didn't really know. We ended up going to some bar. The funny thing is the fact that there was a sign that said "No one under 18 permitted". It doesn't really make sense because he let two sixteen year olds and like six fifteen year olds in (the drinking age for some alcohol is 16 and the hard liquor is 18 but bars can decide not to serve alcohol to anyone under 18 if they want). So we are just sitting at this bar for a while. I was staying out later then I normally do so I was trying to prove to my host family that I can handle the extra privileges and still be responsible;that plan completely backfired. So everyone is drinking and like I said earlier I was trying to prove that they could trust me staying out so late so I had one beer and made it last. Everyone else had 3 or 4 and you could tell that they were drinking. Unfortunately someone spilled their beer and some of it ended up on me. So basically even though I didn't drink much, I still came home smelling like I just took a bath in Stuttgarter Hofbrau. The funny thing was that when they tried to order another round of beer, the bartender was like "No, you are clearly underage, 3 is enough". My question is if they are clearly underage why did you serve them the first three? Now there is no point in sitting in a bar if you can't drink so we left. Did we go home? Obviously not, we walked to another bar. Another reason that my plan completely backfired was because some of the other people I was with smoke. So I also came home with my clothes smelling like cigarettes. It gets better. So last time I was with these friends we took the wrong train home (if you didn't read that story go back a few posts, it was a good one). Before I left my host mom was like "make sure you take the right train this time and know what train stops in Bempflingen". So I asked "are you sure this is our train" and everyone was like "oh yeah don't worry about it, we checked on the internet this time". So I get the train and it starts moving. About ten minutes later it drives through Bempflingen and does not stop. So I ask "wasn't that Bempflingen" "nope, that was Metzingen". It was Bempflingen. We took the wrong train, again. This time we ended up in Nurtingen. Keep in mind I said I would be home at 11 and it is now 11:05 and I am stuck in downtown Nurtingen. So someone else's mom came to pick us up. I got home at about 11:30. So how about a little recap?
I came home
1.) 1/2 an hour later than I was supposed to.
2.) smelling like I took a bath in Stuttgarter Hofbrau and then rolled in cigarette ashes.
3.) the legal curfew for people under 16 in Germany is 10 and even though I was allowed to be out later, the others weren't.

Not exactly how I had planned it to go. Luckily my host parents were really understanding about the whole train thing, trust me enough to know I don't smoke and could tell I was way more sober than I smelled. It all worked out in the end and was still fun.

Ok so if you haven't checked the photo site lately, there are plenty of new updates. If you click the "photo page" at the top of the side column it will take you to the home part of my shutterfly page. There you can see pictures from Germany, Spain or Ireland, look at the book of pictures I made and see a map/pictures of the town I live in. You can zoom in and move around and explore Altdorf. Let's see if anyone can find my house. Also I tried to install a "guestbook" on both websites but both said that others had to be members to respond. If you want to send me an email and tell me what you think of this whole thing. Also if you have any questions about Germany or wanted to suggest something to put in my blog, feel free to send me an email and ask. If you don't have my email address, ask one of my family members for it.

That's all for this one.

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