Monday, January 31, 2011

Eine Reise ist ein Trunk aus der Quelle des Lebens.

I tried to make a video blog for you all but that didn't end too well. Seeing as you ended up reading this blog, you probably guessed that I didn't end up posting it. I guess I won't be making any "vlogs" and Amikinder will have to suffice. 

On a more celebratory note, the results from the blog competition came in. I didn't think they were coming out until February but they came out a few days ago. My blog took 14th out of 220 blogs and it was the number one blog in English. Thanks to everyone who voted! To everyone who didn't vote, you just missed out on getting thanked by a semi-famous person. 

Ok here comes the part where I explain what I have been up to this week. 

Friday, I went into Stuttgart with another exchange student from Italy. We just hung out and walked around. Of course I had a döner. We went around and drank hot chocolate and visited the Fasching store. Fasching is their hybrid of Halloween and Mardi Gras. 

Saturday, I got a haircut (cutting edge stuff, I know). My hair was down below my eyes so I figured it was time to get it cut. The last time I had it cut was the end of June. Between her lack of English and me getting confused trying to explain how I wanted it cut in German, the end result was really something else. I walked out of the store with a brush cut.

Sunday was a pretty normal Sunday and by normal Sunday, I mean that my host family was trying to get me outside to do something in the nice weather but I just made it one of those lazy days. You know, those days where you pop some corn, stay in your pajamas and watch movies all day?

Today was a pretty good day. We played "rugby" in Gym class. It's in quotes because real rugby has actual rules. This was more of a classic game of "kill the man with the ball". The point is to get the ball from one end to the other. The point for the other team is to do whatever you can to stop them (and yes, I do mean everything). I was lucky I wasn't one of the smaller people in my class. They were at risk of being picked up and thrown across the gym. Unfortunately no one told me that making the other team bleed internally is an automatic win. 

I almost forgot about German class. Today we split up into groups to analyze newspapers and the differences between them. As you probably guessed, not very many people actually looked at the newspapers. Unfortunately, she caught on that no one was doing the work and revoked the privilege to work in groups. It's always something in German school. 

I found a quote on facebook that perfectly sums up what being an exchange student.

"I am more confused than a cow on synthetic grass". 

Basically, this sums up my life in German school. 

Ok so who remembers when I said I wanted to try and learn Swabian? Well this actually isn't turning out too bad. I say bissle (bisschen) without thinking and no (noch) pretty often. Not gonna lie though, I only say no because I am too lazy to say the whole word. It's kind of like nein, I could say nein but it's so much easier to just say ne. 

To all the prospective exchange students reading this, pay attention to this next paragraph. That goes for the potential host families too. How many of you know the exchange student nod (thank you Margaret for the name)? There are going to times when you either have no idea what's going on (if your the student) or see the student with the nod (if your the host family). So the exchange student nod goes like this

1.) raise your eyebrows.
2.) one eye opens more than the other.
3.) you nod slowly.

Other than those 3 things, they are just probably nodding and actually do understand what's going on.

Back to the Amikinder thing. Amikinder is a group of exchange students who post video blogs on youtube. Theyre pretty interesting. I will put a few here but the rest you can find by searching Amikinder in youtube.

Lydia, the other CBYXer from Buffalo.

Here is Margaret, she also hails from New York.

I know how boring and short this blog was and I'm sorry. Maybe I'll do a little better next time but I am running out of things to talk about (hence the highlight of this blog was me getting a haircut).


  1. mike i want u to make a video blog. oh this is chelsea lol