Wednesday, February 9, 2011

"What I never did is done, all that's left is what I can still do."

This would be one of those few times that the quote at the top of the page actually has something to do this post. Monday was the halfway point for my year in Germany. 150 days in Germany and 150 days left. Before I talk about the whole halfway thing, let me tell you guys about the week I have been having.

I'm not sure this week could get much better. With the exception of a pointless, time consuming German project and a few awkward conversations, this week has been one of the best ones yet. Sunday, as I'm assuming most of you know, was Super Bowl Sunday. Unfortunately Germans don't turn it into a holiday like we do. Actually, let me rephrase that, Germans don't really even care about the Super Bowl. Here in Germany, the Super Bowl starts at midnight and goes until about 4:30 in the morning. I was on skype with my family from about 10 at night until 2 in the morning. I know that's probably breaking all sorts of AFS rules but oh well. I only stayed up until halftime because I had school Monday but it was still good. Unfortunately we didn't have all the typical game day foods but we had Cabbage and Noodles and hey, that's a close second, right?

Monday was not really all that special. I spent most of it doing it that German project. 

Tuesday was also not that exciting. I got to sleep in an extra two hours and got out of school and hour early though. That counts for something though. Unfortunately I spent most of yesterday doing that German project too. Yesterday my host mom helped me with that project for like 6 hours straight. We sat down for dinner at 9 and my host mom was like "it's already nine, last time I looked at the clock it was 7".  We finished it though. Maybe I should explain this project. We are learning about the style that Newspapers are written in (can't think of how that sentence should be written). We each got a different topic and for 3 weeks we had to cut out all the articles about our topics and write an analysis for them. I didn't even get to pick my topic. I got assigned to do the whole USA as a topic. I got to work with a partner though. Everyone ended with about 5 or 6 articles. I ended up with 51. I even had a full page article on whether or not President Obama dies his hair. It was a horrible assignment. 

Today was also good. They had a meeting about taking French in school next year. They got to miss class for it and about half of them were going so I tagged along too. Everyone was like "Michael, you don't take French and you are not going to be here next year. Why are you coming?" I could be sit in class or go and take a break. I may be foreign but I'm still a lazy teenager. I have a question for you guys. I debated this with my English teacher today. Can you use the word payback as a noun? He said it was only a verb but I'm not sure. Also can you say "to get punished" or is it just "to be punished". We didn't debate the second one. I just said "to get punished" and then wasn't sure if it was right. I made it so anyone can leave comments on here and you can leave from as "anonymous" so leave your answer as a comment.

Tomorrow is the real reason that this week is so good. Tomorrow, I usually stay at school until 5 and have 2 hours of physics and then 2 more of chemistry. Tomorrow I only have to stay until about 1, and I have no physics or chemistry. I hate physics and am not that fond of chemie either, so this is a pretty good day. 

This weekend would be a close second though. I am going to another city a couple hours away for a party at another exchange students house. It's her 18th birthday so it should be a good party. I was looking forward to having a nice English weekend but she invited all her German friends so I guess that won't be happening. 

That awkward conservation I was talking about today occurred today in Religion class. Someone brought up the whole "God Hates Fags" protest. Luckily, the teacher was too busy going on about the prodigal son to notice this conversation but it was still awkward. I then had to explain the word "fag" to them. Of course, the teacher listened to that part of the conversation. Personally, I am much more in favor of this protest I gotta say, that's pretty creative. Here's a news article about it. 

For the record, this is what shows up in the media and I'm not talking about the good protest either. Think of what the media says about other countries. How often do you hear about good things happening in the Middle East or the wealthy areas of Africa? Of course good things happen in the Middle East and there are wealthy areas in Africa but we rarely hear about them. I think it really does affect how we perceive other countries. If this is what shows up in the media about the USA, how do you think the other countries perceive us? 

Alright, I'll get back on topic now.

Next weekend we are going back into Munich and going to see Dachau. Dachau is a Concentration Camp right outside of Munich. That should be interesting to see as well. 

Sometime in the near future is an AFS camp on the Rhine. It's almost a week long (and I get to miss school for it!) but unfortunately there is another talent show. I honestly don't know what it is with AFS and these stupid talent shows. The one at the first camp was understandable because we had to perform something traditional from our native country and was kind of an ice breaker. This one on the other hand is pointless, we are all from the USA and we all know each other. At the first one, a few people got off with making traditional foods. That might a good cop-out for this camp. 

OK on to the main topic of this post. Other than being constantly reminded by my over-excited family members that there are fewer days left than days I have been gone, not much has really changed. You may be wondering what my quote at the top has to do with this post. Now that my year is half over, it's like the quote says. I can't go back and change things so I have to focus on the next 5 months. I can't say I regret anything about 'the past five months so I hope it doesn't sound like that. I just like the quote.

I'm gonna quote Margaret on this one. 

Her blog is

"I’m pretty sure that there were many times there were in the previous five months when, if someone had said, “Hey, you have five months left in Germany,” I would have been sorely tempted to say “…Okay. That’s enough.” But today? Guys, I’m just getting started!"

I don't really have much more to say. I'll update again after this weekend.


  1. ich bin mir eigentlich relativ sicher, dass ,,payback" immer ein Substantiv ist. :p (selbstverständlich ist ,,pay back" ein Verb)
    und ich meeeeine, dass man ,,to be punished" aber ich bin ein bisschen unsicher darüber.

    ich verstehe diese Talent-Show-Manie auch nicht... (chocolate chip cookies?? wenn du ein Tag vorher kommst können wir hier backen und dann kannst du mit mir in die Schule kommen! wäre das nicht toll? ;D)

    - Margaret

  2. really Margaret, really with the German?

    Meine Oma war eine english Lehrerin und sie hat mir alles erklärt. Englisch ist nicht so wichtig, oder?

    Ich hasse diese Talent-Shows. Ich weiß nie, was ich tun soll.

    Du hast recht, das wäre toll. Wie kann ich mit dir in die Schule kommen? Ich kann ziemlich viel mit mir bringen. Ich möchte es auch tun. Sag mir wann. Wir sollten es aber bald tun.